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Solar Thermal systems 

The benefits of Solar Thermal low carbon systems

Solar Thermal systems are one of the most energy efficient ways to produce hot water during daytime in the summer. They have very few moving parts and are usually cheaper than conventional gas boilers, but without producing any CO2. They are relatively cheap to install and can help to reduce your water heating bills up to 35% over the year and compliment a ground source heat pump or biomass system.

A Case Study


Maintenance of a Solar Thermal System


A client in Lincolnshire

Maintenance issue

The thermal transfer fluid in a solar PV system breaks down after several seasons of use and needs replacing otherwise damage to the pipe work and system can occur due to the increased acidity of the fluid over time.

Our client had bought the property after the installation of the unit and therefore wasn't made aware of this fluid degradation and didn't have a maintenance contract.
Solar Thermal rooftop panels


He contacted us through our website and we investigated.

Some of his pipe seals had burst and needed replacing so we replaced the fluid and swapped out all of the affected seals and set him up with an annual maintenance contract.
The guages on a Solar Thermal Pump Station


maintenance and servicing of solar water heating systems.

If you have a solar thermal hot water system, regular planned maintenance will ensure it is working as efficiently as possible.

​Approximately every five to six years the fluid circulating in the system will have degraded and become less efficient, we can test and if necessary replace it to ensure you get the best from your system and generate the most hot water possible from the sun's energy.

Call us now or email to discuss how we can help ensure you get the best performance from your solar thermal system.
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Solar Thermal Controller
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