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Why you should properly maintain your Green Technology

We specialise in the maintenance and servicing of electrical systems and green technology systems such as PV Panel systems, Solar Thermal, Heat Pumps and Biomass Boilers.
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Drone Surveys
The use of drones is becoming more prolific in the commercial space and has a myriad of applications, especially within the field of site development and maintenance...
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Solar Thermal
Solar Thermal systems are one of the most energy efficient ways to produce hot water during daytime in the summer. They have very few moving parts and are usually cheaper than conventional gas boilers, but without producing any CO2.
Solar PV Panels
Solar PV can be a good way of producing electricity to use or sell back to the grid.
This will reduce your carbon footprint. You can grow your profits by adding modern storage batteries to your system. These improve your system's efficiency and profitability.
Electrical Systems
Nosdivad Ltd is a Napit Approved contractor that can cover a wide range of electrical services for the commercial sector including maintenance and repair of commercial and industrial circuits with recommendations for low carbon and energy-efficient equipment, inspection and testing of electrical circuits to ensure safe usage.
Heat Pumps
Heat pump systems are efficient and can reduce the cost of a conventional gas heating system by heating water for underfloor heating and hot water. Domestic hot water and underfloor heating supplied by heat pumps can be boosted by a conventional boiler for the radiators.
MVHR Systems
Coming Soon
We are currently working on a new section for MVHR systems (Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery) as this is now added to our portfolio of services provided.
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