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Solar Photovoltaic systems 

(Solar PV panels)

Solar PV can be a good way of producing electricity to use or sell back to the grid.
This will reduce your carbon footprint. You can grow your profits by adding modern storage batteries to your system. These improve your system's efficiency and profitability.

Solar PV requires annual maintenance to keep your panels and system working to its optimum efficiency.
A planned programme of maintenance includes cleaning the solar panels to remove dirt and debris that blocks the solar rays from reaching the surface of the panel. We also carry out earth leakage, insulation resistance and wiring checks. Grime and shading on the surface of your PV panels can reduce their efficiency by up to 50%.
Depending on the quality of the manufacture of the panels the crystals can slowly degrade. We can test each panel to see if any need replacing.

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A Case Study


Regular maintenance of a PV system can save money over the long term which this customer appreciated after contacting us.


A Domestic client in Derbyshire

Maintenance issue

The customer's PV system, installed by a competitor five years ago wasn't maintained annually and actually broke down.


As the client had not had an annual service and he didn't realise that his yield had gone down and assumed that his family were simply using too much electricity. He went into his loft and realised his inverter had a flashing fault light on it and he called us to investigate.
A PV panel array


We looked at the yield tracker and calculated that he hadn't generated any electricity for at least six months and nothing throughout the summer. He was just past five years into his ten year warranty (5 years parts, labour and delivery and five years parts only) which unfortunately meant he incurred a cost for labour and delivery and this could have been avoided if he had paid for a maintenance and service schedule from the start. If he'd realised that his inverter was down six months prior to inspection he could have also avoided having to pay for labour and delivery and claimed for that under the first half of his warranty too but sadly he was just too late.
PV panel control system


Maintenance Contracts - Nosdivad Ltd can provide maintenance contracts to ensure a speedy response to any problems on your Photovoltaic system (solar panels and inverter).

Solar Panel Cleaning - We include PV panel cleaning within a number of our maintenance contracts but we can also clean solar panels as a stand-alone service.

Inverter electrical inspection and testing - We check the insulation, cable resistance.

PV panel degradation inspection - We can test the panels to establish whether their capacity to convert sunlight into electricity has degraded. We can then utilise a drone survey to inspect for visual damage due to potential wear and tear.
PV voltage inverter
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