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Biomass Boilers

Biomass boilers are an efficient way of reducing fuel costs compared to gas and oil. They also lower your carbon footprint. Biomass systems come in a variety of capacities and are designed to use different types of biomass fuel, generally wood pellets.
Biomass Boiler system maintenance

Biomass boilers have more mechanical parts than other low carbon systems, and can have problems with the build up of soot and fuel debris. Regular servicing is essential to gain the maximum performance from these systems, prolong their life and protect your financial investment.

The Benifits of Good Fuel

Poor fuel quality can contribute to reducing the lifespan of your biomass equipment, due to sooting and fuel deposits within the boiler. This can be due to the source or the storage.
Maintenance can remove the impurities from the burning compartment and feed tray. We can also advise on suitable fuel suppliers and storage.

To find out more about our Biomass boiler maintenance and repair services please call or email.

A Case Study


The system was creating a lot of smoke in the burner room due to incorrect operation.


A client in Nottinghamshire with a very large commercial property.

Maintenance issue

We inspected the system to discover that large timber pieces were stuck in the feed tray, too large to fit through the aperture in the burning compartment.
Biomass boilers are an incredibly efficient and carbon neutral heat source


We disassembled the hopper and feed tray to remove the blockage which had been combusting outside of the burning compartment creating large plumes of smoke.

We then explained to the client that he needs to break down the fuel into smaller pieces, enough to fit through the system properly and demonstrated this while the system was in pieces.
Wood chips as a fuel for biomass boilers


We provide maintenance contracts for biomass boilers and as a part of this we typically advise on the setup and efficient running of the system as well as recommending improving the quality of your fuel source to increase the life of your biomass system and reduce the potential for breakdown.
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