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Heat Pumps

Servicing and Maintaining Heat Pumps

Heat pump systems are efficient and can reduce the cost of a conventional gas heating system by heating water for underfloor heating and hot water. Domestic hot water and underfloor heating supplied by heat pumps can also be boosted by a conventional boiler for the radiators.
Ground Source and Air to Ground
Whatever type of heat pumps you have installed, we can repair and maintain them them for you.
Regular maintenance will make sure that your system is working efficiently. We will check the flow rates and look for filter blockages and system leaks which can stop a heat pump from working.

For any enquiries about our Heat Pump maintenance services please call us or email.

A Case Study


A client called us to figure out why his ground sourced heat pump seemed very inefficient.


A small holding in Derbyshire.

Maintenance issue

The contractor that installed the equipment had laid the pipe coils too close together instead of the recommended distance which can create a permafrost in the winter.
Light Commercial Heat Pump System

Remedy & Recommendations

In this instance there was no other solution to this issue than to dig up the pipe coils and re-lay them at the correct distance and as space was limited we also had to reduce the number of coils. We also recommended that the client supplement his system with a small solar thermal setup in order to make up for less heat gained in the ground sourced pump system.

He took our recommendation and at last maintenance he reported a net gain in heat and no issues in the winter.
Ground Sourced Heat Pump Control Panel
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